a poem of recognition

photo © Michelle Lane, 2021

As a child, I lived in many houses, twelve in seventeen years.
I was accustomed to turmoil, chaos and reorder,
the rhythm of packing, carrying, unpacking
all of my winnowed things.

I am ever drawn toward containers:
painted boxes, baskets, bowls, empty shells and fossils
all with the capacity to hold
beloved things…

Wednesday Prose Poem prompt (10/6): who do you see?

Photo by Charl Folscher on Unsplash

The Harbor of Your Voice

I am tucked into the warm curl of your arm, ear on your heart, the resonant hum of your voice through your bones and flesh, my small vessel moored there — your voice a comfort, a harbor, gathered me to ground — the ground of…

Dennett’s Prompt: October is all about Orange

There is no better place to be in fall than the North Woods for the changing colors. The last 2 days of September and the first 3 of October, I had a treasured and rare long weekend away with my husband and both of our adult children and their partners…

On a weathered dock in growing light

photo by Michelle Lane, September 2020

Dancing in the space above the rooted,
the starlings are one, rolling with life
each little bird, receptive
to each little bird,
acting for the whole of them.

See the graceful pair of turkey vultures,
soaring higher than the trees?
Together, they are braiding the air,
their broad wings seldom move.
An easy morning…

Wednesday prose poem prompt: scarification

Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash

The gray lines on my knee: gray from the dust of driveway gravel, still there after all these years, from an address that was only mine for two years of childhood. A big white rented farmhouse, where mom and I planted red zinnias and dad taught me how to ride…

Dead Poets Live Prompt: Into the Woods

Photo by Michelle Lane, September 2021, Hamlin Lake Bayou

On the weathered wood of a dock, just barely
above the calm waters of the bayou, life rises
around me in quickening sounds
at the gloaming and again in the moments
just before a hint of pink graces the east.

Groups of Sandhills call to each other
across the cattails, make…

An Incantation for the Trees

Photo by author, July 2020

Begin at the roots:
wild fractal labyrinth
vast threads seek
draw up moisture
deep in dark, fragrance

Fire, Air, Water, Earth, Water, Air, Fire

Water, drawn up under cambium
through delicate, strong xylem tubes,
flows into branches, like grace
more slender and flexible as they grow,
and reach as a celebrant,
dancing in zephyrous…

14 August 2021 Saturday Poetry Prompt: the wild natural

photo by author, Killarney Provincial Park, 2018

We forget who we are,
bodies born of clay,
creatures with words,
we imagined ourselves above kin,
prospected, collected, classified
clipped the threads
stacked objects in piles,
were zealous to possess

the creature is still within
a deep flesh memory
evident in communication
listen and watch:

gestures of
lips, tongue…

Michelle Berry Lane

Earthling, Writer, Teacher, Learner; Attending to thresholds and the uncovering of meaning. Grad student: MA-Theopoetics & Writing; taught kids sci/nature 25+y

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